Wedding Dress Wet Cleaning

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Wedding Dress Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is the cleaning of the wedding dress fabric using limited amounts of water. There are good reasons to use various wet cleaning techniques, such as instances where high-end fabrics are soiled to a point in which the available hand cleaning techniques are not effective. Some bridal dress designers have chosen stylings with unstable trims or non-dry cleanable beads and sequins that are not removable. Also, many stains such as perspiration, sugar from foods and beverages are considered water-based stains and respond much better to wet-cleaning.

The techniques of wet cleaning have been used since the times that textiles were created. In  the past, wet cleaning involved immersion of a garment in a water bath mixed with non-alkaline detergent, a neutral synthetic detergent or ovis paste while being kept constantly in motion in a steel sink or tub. We have come a long way since those days and this is often the right alternative to dry cleaning.

Now, we employ sophisticated wet cleaning machines with specific cycles designed to limit water exposure while gaining the needed cleaning benefits. The new machines use micro-processor technology to precisely control every phase of the wet cleaning process to allow for optimum results.  Our bridal dress textile preservationists will use the required wet cleaning or hand cleaning processes when dealing with the delicate wedding dress fabrics. We only use the safest bio-degradable museum quality detergent solutions when wet cleaning techniques are employed.

Finally, all of our wedding dress cleaning techniques involve what we call “hand” cleaning. This term refers to the spot removal process which simply describes the removal of soiling and dirt from the wedding dress by hand. Using steam, air and various cleaning agents we are able to coax the various types of soiling from high end wedding dresses to release from the fibers, so that it might be removed. During this process, there are remaining cleaning agents and in wet cleaning they are safely removed.

This technique would be used in advance to our wedding dress preservation with our preservation boxes.

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