Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Rinse with Hand Cleaning Techniques

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Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Rinse with Hand Cleaning Techniques

All of our wedding dress cleaning techniques involve what we call “hand” cleaning. This term refers to the spot removal process which simply describes the removal of soiling and dirt from the wedding dress by hand. Using steam, air and various cleaning agents we are able to coax the various types of soiling from high end wedding dresses to release from the fibers, so that it might be removed. During this process, there are remaining cleaning agents and often minor amounts of water that remain on the fabric, often referred to as water rings.

The dry cleaning process is the proper way to remove the cleaning agents as well as any residual water from the wedding dress fabric. We refer to this as the “dry cleaning rinse”. The  main purpose is to rinse out the agents used to clean the dress. Following the rinse, all dresses will be pressed back to their original drape. This is often our standard technique with our wet cleaning techniques at the alternative.  This is also required prior to wedding dress preservation with our preservation boxes.

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